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A Natural Soothing Gel for Denture Wearers

- Helps Heal Sore Spots
- Firms Soft Ridge Tissues
- Electromagnetically Charged for Extra Healing Power
- Contains 100% Natural Herbal Extract

Squeeze a small bead of this soothing gel onto the inside of the denture, where it sits against the tissues. Re-insert the denture into the mouth and this gel begins to heal the tissues of the mouth immediatly.

Use as often as needed


Carol tried it and this is what she said.
"I was all stressed out from preparing for my wedding, and I developed some sores under my dentures. I used Comforgel and the sores went away. This stuff really works!"

Adah used it and said.
"My lower ridge was so soft...then Dr. Smudde gave me some of this Comforgel to use... I have a firm ridge now, it's not all soft and flappy...It really helped my denture to be more stable!"


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