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Insurance Assistance

Our practice accepts most dental insurance programs. Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. If you have any questions regarding you insurance benefits, please don't hesitate to call our office at 661.222.7773

1. A  accounting adjustment is allowed when fees in excess of $200 are paid in full by cash or check on  the day that treatment is presented or in advance of scheduling the appointment.
2. Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard,and Dental Fee Plans are all accepted in our office.
3. If you would like to review these financial arrangement options with one of our team members in advance of treatment, please call

Fees & Financial Assistance

Our fees are based on the quality of the materials we use and our experience in performing your needed treatment. Our goal is not to let expense prevent you from benefiting from the quality of care you desire and need.

To determine the fee for your procedure we need to establish a treatment plan. At your free consultation visit we can do this through an oral examination to determine the condition of your mouth and the surrounding structure, including the tissues, bone, tongue and remaining teeth if any. If you have existing teeth we may require full mouth x-rays including Panaramic x-rays to make a final determination on the fee. Once a fee is established and agreed upon the fee does not change unless all parties agree to change the treatment plan . The treatment plan always includes post delivery care.

Dr. Smudde has over forty-five years of experience in denture care. With this much experience, we are so confident in our services, that any problems that occur after delivery we will address at not cost to you. This is why it is so important for us to see you before giving you a quote. The complexity of the case must be determined. If you have existing teeth and require extractions or a partial denture, the amount of time it will take for your mouth to heal and adjust to your new denture will vary greatly. This healing process depends greatly on the amount of trauma created by your previous denture and condition of your mouth when you first come to see us.

Take advantage of our Free Consutation appointment. At this appointment we will provide you with various treatment plans to choose. We are confident that financial arrangements can be made that will fit your budget, and you will be provided with a more stable, comfortable and natural looking alternative to what you can get anywhere else. Remember not all dentures are created equally.


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